A clean space equals a clear mind– who knew?

Although I’ve gotten pretty close, I started “cleaning” Monday morning but myself being a highly distracted young girl. Trying to find the floor of bedroom is much more than a chore, it was a mission. My challenge being that with every piece of laundry–which there was plenty of– to put away, a long lost thingamabob was  found aka mini puzzles, rubix cubes that need cleaning, or a toy T-rex. Full of fun yet mindless distractions, that I eagerly took advantage of… Because really who wants to clean their bedroom? Especially since it featured the aftermath of finals. Regardless almost 2 full days later, the bedroom is clean and I got in such a groove that I also clean my studio!

And surprisingly it feels great, as I cleaned up my studio all the ideas and inspiration just came a-flowin’ it felt great and still does. I used my newly dusted off whiteboard and wrote down all the ideas and future projects I want to fill my time with. Sigh. I’m a happy camper, and everyone else in my house can also take a breather.


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