Overdue Update

It’s been a while since I’ve update, bad me! I know I really need to get into the practice of doing so, I was reminded by my studio professor who also complained about how often she had to update her blog to keep her grants etc. We got into the topic about how crucial it is to have the most up-to-date blog if you want to keep the connection between artist and patron. Now, clearly I still need that to be drilled into my head. It’s hard to be social, says the 20 year old girl… or perhaps more accurately it’s hard to be responsible.  But I’m trying anyways.

So with out further ado, a little update on what I have been working on:








Crocheting little cactus, that’s my very unmade bed. Using as practice to create my own patterns

colour book









A page out of my colour practice, here I took an inventory of all the green mediums I had lying around, this was in the process of doing so

object drawing









Three object drawings of various perfumes, assignment










Here is a vague picture of my plastic bag quilt, I hope to take a better picture. And eventually make a better version

textile sale










A collage of some of the things we sold in our christmas studio sale


bag assignment







Again a bad phone picture of my latest assignment to create a collection of bags, clearly I was inspired by spiders. Will be updating with nicer photos


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