Selvedge Magazine

I was recently introduced to the London based textile magazine Selvedge, if you haven’t heard of it well you are missing out. Regardless of whether you are in the textiles field or you just like looking at pretty things, this magnificent mag is for you. Every detail of this magazine has been extensively thought out, and it is evident even in the very edges of the pages decorated with a mimicked selvage edge. Each issue is just as beautiful as the last with stunning photography, inspiring artists and well written articles. Makes me long for the day that perhaps my own endeavours will be blessed by being featured in this magazine, but of course that is long off. But hey here’s looking to the future! Sadly I have yet to subscribe, my poor student funds just don’t cut it for this mag. But for now I’m living off the issues my school studio has in stock and when I find one I especially love I go out and by it for myself. Sigh must resist urge to collect them all, as one of my favourite professors does. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest you check Selvedge out and they have a Pinterest.


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