Selvedge Magazine

I was recently introduced to the London based textile magazine Selvedge, if you haven’t heard of it well you are missing out. Regardless of whether you are in the textiles field or you just like looking at pretty things, this magnificent mag is for you. Every detail of this magazine has been extensively thought out, and it is evident even in the very edges of the pages decorated with a mimicked selvage edge. Each issue is just as beautiful as the last with stunning photography, inspiring artists and well written articles. Makes me long for the day that perhaps my own endeavours will be blessed by being featured in this magazine, but of course that is long off. But hey here’s looking to the future! Sadly I have yet to subscribe, my poor student funds just don’t cut it for this mag. But for now I’m living off the issues my school studio has in stock and when I find one I especially love I go out and by it for myself. Sigh must resist urge to collect them all, as one of my favourite professors does. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest you check Selvedge out and they have a Pinterest.


Overdue Update

It’s been a while since I’ve update, bad me! I know I really need to get into the practice of doing so, I was reminded by my studio professor who also complained about how often she had to update her blog to keep her grants etc. We got into the topic about how crucial it is to have the most up-to-date blog if you want to keep the connection between artist and patron. Now, clearly I still need that to be drilled into my head. It’s hard to be social, says the 20 year old girl… or perhaps more accurately it’s hard to be responsible.  But I’m trying anyways.

So with out further ado, a little update on what I have been working on:








Crocheting little cactus, that’s my very unmade bed. Using as practice to create my own patterns

colour book









A page out of my colour practice, here I took an inventory of all the green mediums I had lying around, this was in the process of doing so

object drawing









Three object drawings of various perfumes, assignment










Here is a vague picture of my plastic bag quilt, I hope to take a better picture. And eventually make a better version

textile sale










A collage of some of the things we sold in our christmas studio sale


bag assignment







Again a bad phone picture of my latest assignment to create a collection of bags, clearly I was inspired by spiders. Will be updating with nicer photos

A clean space equals a clear mind– who knew?

Although I’ve gotten pretty close, I started “cleaning” Monday morning but myself being a highly distracted young girl. Trying to find the floor of bedroom is much more than a chore, it was a mission. My challenge being that with every piece of laundry–which there was plenty of– to put away, a long lost thingamabob was  found aka mini puzzles, rubix cubes that need cleaning, or a toy T-rex. Full of fun yet mindless distractions, that I eagerly took advantage of… Because really who wants to clean their bedroom? Especially since it featured the aftermath of finals. Regardless almost 2 full days later, the bedroom is clean and I got in such a groove that I also clean my studio!

And surprisingly it feels great, as I cleaned up my studio all the ideas and inspiration just came a-flowin’ it felt great and still does. I used my newly dusted off whiteboard and wrote down all the ideas and future projects I want to fill my time with. Sigh. I’m a happy camper, and everyone else in my house can also take a breather.

Portfolio Update

Sewing Sample

Sewing Sample

Finally got around to editing some photos, and putting up some of my most recent work. I’m still working on getting some my images edited, as well as getting other work photographed. Sadly school and consequently the photo studio are now all close for the holidays, so more beautiful photographs will have to come later. But for now, I’ll be using my cellular device to document some of my WIPS–which are mostly christmas gifts– Oh procrastination. Until then~

Testing, Testing.


As I lay in bed, with the lights off in my hopelessly messy room. I take this first step towards “adulthood”, I use that word ever so lightly due to the fact that I doubt I will ever truly become the typically perceived adult. I’ve grown of course, can’t fight nature but my mental state that’s a whole different playing field.  

Besides the point but here I am, making my first real blog, for my potential real work. After my critique today, I’ve realized I cannot continue to hide in the shroud of school forever. 

It’s time to leave the metaphorical hive, and dip my toe into the waters of uncertainty.